We offer a comprehensive line of hollow metal doors, from cost efficient polystyrene doors to doors to withstand tornado forces. The program also includes temperature rise, fire rated and lead lined doors. [See More]

Our frame program covers anything from simple three sided frames to the most complex custom configurations. Additionally, we offer knock down and lead lined frames. [See More]

Rocky Mountain Metals, Inc. introduces Tornado Opening Solutions classified to FEMA P-361 (2015) and certified to ICC 500 (2014). These openings are tested as complete assemblies including doors, frames and hardware as required by the International Building Code for use in tornado shelters in Group E occupancies.  This includes among other applications, new construction at K-12 schools and extends to critical emergency operation facilities. [See More] Tornado Resistant Opening Solutions


We at Rocky Mountain Metals, Inc. are pleased to announce the expansion of our product offering to include Bullet Resistant Door and Frame Assemblies fulfilling the requirements for the ballistic ratings as per UL 752 Level 1 and Level 3.

The offering includes Polystyrene Doors (1700) as well as Steel Stiffened Doors (1800) for both ballistic levels and covers single door widths from 36″ to 40″ and pair door widths from 72″ to 96″.  Heights are from 80″ to 96″.Bullet Resistant Openings


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